EC @ AFF 2017 Hong Kong

German Entrepreneurs Club at Asian Financial Forum, Hong Kong, Jan. 16th/17th 2017

German Entrepreneurs Club at 10th Asian Financial Forum 2017

The German Entrepreneurs Club will join the 10th Asian Financial Forum (AFF) on Jan. 16th and 17th in Hong Kong, China.
The Asian Financial Forum brings together some of the most influential members of the global financial and business community to discuss developments and trends in the dynamic markets of Asia.

The German Entrepreneurs Club will pitch some of its investment opportunities in front of Asian investors and will also be available for face-to-face meetings, in order to discuss exclusively selected targets with potential investors.

Our added value for Asian/Chinese investors is:

  • 为管理层的候选人和投资者积极地匹配投资机会
  • 在德奥瑞区域间每年有超过750个投资机会
  • 投资机会的年产值在2百万-2千万欧元间
  • 目前的市场分配比例是零售业17%建筑/房地产7% IT/TK 10%技术服务5%企业服务9%金属行业13%机械工程9%光学/医药/测量与监控技术5%交通/能源/化工... 26%
  • 12年的网络在德中两奥瑞区域有超过200 M&A顾问
  • 此外在德奥瑞区域间有税务顾问、审计、律师的网络
  • 此外在德奥瑞区域间有针对M&A机会的商业论坛网络
  • 此外有从销售企业家而来的直接授权
  • 10年的网络在德国有超过250家大型/最重要的家庭企业/中小型企业年产值超过3亿美金
  • 在我们的网络内个别搜寻投资机会
  • 投资机会的年产值在2百万-2千万欧元间
  • 用特别的方法直接接触雇主层面
  • 此外有从销售企业家而来的直接授权
  • GoingPublic 传媒机构支持
  • EBNER STOLZ作为一个强劲的网络合作伙伴进行跨国界的投资

Network partners

Sponsor Partner

With its profound experience with family businesses, SMEs and transactions, EBNER STOLZ is our strong and capable network partner for cross boarder investments: Part of top ten audit and consulting companies in Germany - Nationwide presence in all important German business centers - Experts for cross boarder investments - Own China desk - International advisory thanks to NEXIA network.

Plattform Partner

Our participation in the AFF takes place in cooperation with the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council (HKTDC): Global presence with 40 offices on 6 continents - 13 offices in mainland China - Organisation of rade fairs - Running an online marketplace - Media magzines - Bilateral cooperations - Supports a series of bilateral economic and business committees - Business matching and marketing.

Media Partner

GoingPublic Media AG is giving media and location marketing support to the German Entrepreneurs Club, especially in German/Chinese context: Operates the Plattform M&A China/Germany - Runs information service about companies, transactions and personell - Organises events, at which international members can participate - Focuses on M&A China/Germany.