German Entrepreneurs Club - Your gate to German family businesses

The German Entrepreneurs Club is, on the one hand, the most relevant network for successors and entrepreneurs in Germany, and, on the other hand, a relevant contact for investments into German family-run businesses and SMEs. Since 2005, we actively match investment opportunities with buy-in entrepreneurs and strategic investors.

Participate in our existing deal flow for our network of more than 280 family businesses

Overview of our network of more than 280 family businesses.
As of March 2018.
Note: The map contains only firms which agreed to be listed.

Cross boarder investment opportunities

Especially for foreign investors, the German Entrepreneurs Club offers perfect investment opportunities within the German “Mittelstand” as well as German SMEs.

Over 1600 sales proposals incoming per year

Throughout the year, we receive more than 1600 sales proposals out of our extensive network. The turnover corridor is up to 900 mill. EUR, in all business sectors, located in Germany, Switzerland or Austria. Often the actual owners seek a classic exit.

Pre-screening of investment opportunities and language support

These investment proposals are pre-screened and matched with the investment focus of our Global Investors. Moreover we offer our Global Investors a personal, foreign-language support during acquisition trips including planning/preparation.

Proprietary target offers through active marketing

Through active marketing campaigns (e.g. magazines, mailings) which directly addresses company owners who are willing to sell their company we receive proprietary target offers, which are of special interest.

Number of M&A consultants, we are actively working with.
Calculations period: Apr 2016 - Mar 2018.
*Basis for the market coverage is the number of M&A-consultants which are members of the federal association of M&A (

12-year network of more than 250 M&A-consultants

Further target offers are identified through our 12-year network of more than 250 German M&A consultants, which accounts for over 80 percent market coverage.*


Deal flow trend.
Calculations period: Jan 2016 - Dec 2017.

The Gobal Investor status is available at a fair listing fee combined with a success fee. The international membership is included when becoming a Global Investor.

For details regarding the Global Investor status please contact the ambassador in your corresponding country or our headquarter in Germany: